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Memiliki kemampuan bahasa Inggris adalah sebuah keharusan bagi setiap orang yang ingin memiliki masa depan yang cerah. Salah satu cara untuk bisa memiliki kemampuan bahasa Inggris yang baik adalah dengan banyak berlatih mengerjakan soal bahasa Inggris SMA. Dibawah ini adalah beberapa soal Bahasa Inggris SMA yang bisa membantu kita untuk memperdalam kemampuan kita dalam bidang bahasa Inggris.
1. The hardest thing most mountaineers are facing during their climbing expedition...they have difficulty breathing due to the lack of oxygen in the air
A. which is
B. that is
C. that it is
D. is that
E. it is
2. ......that her mother was taken to hospital when sehe came home from school, she dropped her school bag and then burst into tears
A. she knew
B. known
C. knowning
D. to know
E. being known
3. Conversation:
X: when are you going to tell your sister the good news?
Y: when she...from her business trip
A. returns
B. will be returning
C. was returning
D. had returned
E. is going return
4. The team ...along the river bank when they accidentally found a big cave
A. walk
B. walked
C. were walking
D. will walk
E. are walking
5. My younger brother thinks that everybody can become an astronaut. He often ask himself. " what...if I were an astronaut?"
A. am going to do
B. do I do
C. will do
D. would do
E am I doing
6. Conversation:
X: this is a very old building
Y: I wasn't even born yet, when it...
A. was built
B. has been built
C. has built
D. is built
E. is being built
7. We decided to stay home because Ani wasn't very keen on ...out in the rain
A. going
B. go
C. goes
D. went
E. to go
8. A hundred people have died of starvation already. By the end of the week two hundred unless we make an immediate concrete actio to help them.
Meaning of the sentence is...
A. have been dying
B. die
C. had died
D. died
E. will have died
9. Arya Bandung for 10 years before he moved to Florida
A. gone
B. living
C. had gone
D. had been gone
E. was gone
10. Budi...television while Sita...a magazine
A. was watching, was reading
B. watch, read
C. watched, read
D. has watch, read
E. was watch, was read


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