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Contoh Soal TOEFL (Tofel)


TOEFL merupakan singkatan dari Test of English as a Foreign Language. Tes TOEFL adalah sebuah tes yang bertujuan untuk mengukur tingkat penguasaan bahasa Inggris pada orang - orang yang bahasa "ibunya" bukan menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Ada beberapa hal yang diujikan pada tes TOEFL ini. Diantaranya adalah: listening, grammar, structure, dll. Contoh soal TOEFL (TOFEL) dibawah ini bisa kita jadikan sebagai bahan belajar untuk meningkatkan kemampuan kita dalam bidang bahasa Inggris.
1. The people in Health Department has met twice and...
A. it has reached a final decision 
B. they reached a final decision
C. its decision was reached
D. a final decision was reached
2. The vice director won't be able to attend the shareholders meeting tomorrow because...
A. he will have giving a lecture
B. he must to give a lecture
C. of he will give a lecture
D. he will be giving a lecture
3. Budi's score on the test is the highest in the class...
A. she had to study hard last night
B. she should study hard last night
C. she must have studied hard last night
D. she should have studied hard last night
4. My mom wanted to serve some coffee to my guest; however...
A. she was out of coffees
B. she hadn't many coffee
C. she didn't have any coffee
D. there is not a great amount of coffee
5. Having been served lunch, ....
A. a discussion of the problem were made by the participants
B. the problems were discussed by the participants
C. it was discussed by the participants
D. the participants discussed the problems
6. East Sulawesi relies heavily on income from oil and natural gas, and...
A. so does Aceh Province
B. Aceh Province also
C. Aceh Province as well
D. Aceh Province too
7. This month will be more difficult for this company because...
A. it has fewer money and less order than it had last year
B. we have less money and order than last year
C. it has less money ad fewer order than it had last year
D. there is alittle money and less volunteers than last year
8. Professor Edwin told his students that...
A. the reports they can hand it on Monday
B. they can turn over their reports on Mondays
C. the could hand in their reports on Monday
D. the reports can turn over on monday
9. .....a ant colony gets, the more the queen's egg-laying capability diminishes
A. More than overcrowded
B. It is more overcrowded
C. more overcrowded
D. More overcrowded that
10. The chairman requested that...
A. the problem be studied more carefully
B. the participants studied the problem more careful
C. the participants studied the problem with more careful
D. the participants study the problem more carefully


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