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Contoh Proposal Penawaran Paket Tour Wisata

Berikut kami berikan salah satu contoh proposal penawaran paket wisata atau tour dalam bahasa inggris.



Dear Sirs/Madam,


We would like introduce our company to be Your Private Travel Agent, all of our staff were professional and have the experienced background in the travel agent skilled. We are here to serve what your company need for a travel arrangements. As we promised to dedicate ourself to give you the quality of service.



Citra Utama Tour offers various kind of travel services as the following points :


1.                  Ticket reservation for domestic and international flights for 24 hours a week, including its delivery service

2.                  Hotel reservations for domestic and international

3.                  Inbound and Outbound package tour for culture, natural wonder as well as education

4.                  Pligrimage or Holy Land tour to Israel, Egypt and Jordan

5.                  Taylor Made Tour, Our specialty service to fulfill customer needs of tours that suit their budgets, desires and requests. With our experienced staffs, we are capable of consulting and helping to arrange the tour, in the sense to achieve the most possible pleasure for budgeted tourist

6.                  Meeting, Incentive, and Conference, Exhibition ( MICE )

7.                  Golf  and Wedding

8.                  Transportation Reservation

9.                  Travel document arrangements

10.             Airport Handling


When our mutual cooperation become strong from time to time.  We can offer you such as : * credit payment within 1 – 2  weeks periods of time, * memberships to get a discounts, tour promotion, etc, but after we both sign our contract credit agreement. We will not charge extra money. If you like to know more details and other information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With your permission we would like to come to introduce our company. We believe that we can make your travel more organize and easier.


Video iklan tour wisata

Ini adalah video iklan tour wisata.

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25 Jun 2016 00:11
Expired Provider
Assalamualaikum,nnLuar Biasa contoh penawaran yang anda buat, semoga saya dapat mengambil pelajaran dari apa yang anda bagikan!nnperkenalkan, kami adalah Ex-Pired Providernprovider Outbond dan Tour Ternama di Jakarta, Bogor dan BandungnnJika anda berniat bekerja Sama, dapat hubungi nWhatsapp 081281958110nn