Superman Is Dead

Sitting in my room, staring at the walls again
Iím bored as fuck listening to the same punk band
My shoes are on the floor, my boxer on the door
I got no time to listen, fuck Ďem many more
Here I am, staring at the walls again
Here I am, wasting time in my youth time
Here I am, start to jerking off again
Here I am, itís me will get me outta this scene

Waiting for a call, but at last she makes me fall
I guess Iíve got a misery of love
I feel my head gets burn, my whole body gets cut
My spiritís gone, hey you! Come and get it back

Start to jerking off again, cos got no chick in my hand
Sitting here alone again, staring to those stuff again
Listen to that punk again, get hurt at my fucking ear
Thatís all about me, mutha mutha fucka!