LIRIK LAGU End of Generation


I don't know why it turns out like this

Everything can be so mean

People are crazy everywhere

I see the fact that never loose

So the fact I see right in my face

Misery never compromised

The pain inside and the joy outside

Impossible to be separated

I know...

The world is going to make u cry

So tell me what the reason why

Do you really care?

Do you really give a fuck about anything?

The boys try to smoking dope

And the girls are ready to get laid

Have u seen it...

Is this the end of the generation?

Try to get it stops the world is not end up yet

Try to get started from the very beginning

Once you make your move

The rest is tried to stop!

Please tell me god

Is this the end of the generation?

I don't know what's happening to me

All I know that the world is spinning around...

...and around...and around...

I listen to myself try thinking about and

Never give up... I said never enough...

Never give up...

'till the world is spinning out in my head.

I know that this is the end of the generation