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Letter No. 123/OC/EA/X/2011
Jl. Pemuda No 312 Semarang
Central Java
Tel: 024-5642100
November 4th 2011
The Vice President, 
Overseas Purchase Dept.,
DOBO Garden Center
Hillview Ave.,
New York, U.S.A
Dear Sir,
We thank you for your interest with my furniture products which shown in your email dated October 28th 2011.
We have a vast variety of garden furniture and we can undertake making furnitures of your good choice with you company brand.
We earnestly feel that it shall be good for both the companies if you or any authorised person from your Purchase Dept visit our factory for an on-the-spot assessment. 
We shall be glad to receive him to view our products and production method. This will enable him to order appropriately.
Yours faithfully,
Overseas Manager 



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