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God day, long time no contact, hope you are fine and doing well.
Kindly be informed that SHANGHAITEX2011 Exhibition  which one of the professional textile machine exibition in the world will be hold in Shanghai City during Jun 14th ~Jun 17th. YITAI will attend this Exhibition and show some of our machines like Needle Loom, Jacquard Loom Crochet Machine, Screen Printing Machine etc. Welcome to visit our booth. And kindly reply this mail if you will join this exhibition, so we can arrange our people to entertain you.

YITAI Booth details:
YITAI Booth Number: W3H50
Company Name: YITAI Weaving Machine Co., Ltd
Detail information about Exhibition:
Exhibition Name: SHANGHAITEX2011
Exhibition time: Jun 14th~Jun 17th
City: Shanghai, China
Address: Shanghai/China Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Centre No.2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District Shanghai
Exibition Contact Tel:021-2890 6666
Exhibition Layout
Hall E1、E2 :spinning machinery
Hall E3: textile machinery / special pieces of equipment /chemicals / information technology
Hall W1、W2:knitting machinery (including part of printing machinery & dyeing machinery)
Hall W3: woven/ warp knitting/ embroidery machinery
Hall W4、W5:printing machinery & dyeing machinery
For more information about this exhibition click here
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact with us at any time. Or give me call directly by number: +88-0175 8690 986(I'm on business trip in our Dhaka office now). Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.
Best Regards!
Ms. Lisa Wei 
 YITAI Textile Machine 
YITAI Group including:
YITAI Technology Co., Ltd
YITAI Weaving Machine (Jinjiang) Co., Ltd
Xiamen YITAI Industrial Co., Ltd
Jinjian DONGTAI Knitting Machine Co.,Ltd
Jinjian Baoya Textile Co.,Ltd

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