LIRIK LAGU Everbefore


Summer fall in the Far East town

In the night before winter come to grow

Every day my heart beat so fast

that I can't control my self

I want to know how you felt to me

Since I looked in the eyes of broken dreams

I waited for so long u never cares about me just once

I cry and bend my knees

hoped that u will not going to leave

And I ask to my self why... Why u got me in to this

Spring has finally come left a memory

From a grass to ash

Not just dust to dust

Bring the strength inside me

To hold the surface of my dignity

Faith has written down on a deep blue sky

Option is to choose whether u like it or not

In this world of darkness

Rainbow will still remain the same

I watch for the sunset every night,

to confess and witness that there is a God

To guide my self not to fall in the wrong Line

And I said to myself, not to regret the fact

That someday.... Summer fall in the Far East town

Ever …before…

how am i supposed to feel as perfect as i see

in my Eyes...